Floral Design

We do flowers!

Fresh flowers add so much to an event, with their colors and arrangement style often setting the tone. Our designers combine fresh cut flowers with live plants, unique accessories and containers to create for our clients and their guests a range of stunning designs, including living succulent arrangements, large plant and floral installations, as well as bouquets and boutonnieres  — all individually designed to set each event apart.

We know your plants and flowers will be of the highest quality because, in most cases, we grow them ourselves. Our studio is on a working farm, certified organic for  the U.S., Canada and the European Union. Nestled among the rolling hills of Western Sonoma County our farm produces fresh flowers, vegetables and succulents. We also have great relationships with other local growers and we buy local as often as is possible when tracking down that special bloom for a client’s arrangement.

Green is beautiful

From flowers to decor to food, we are committed to using best practices in sustainability, so you can feel good knowing that your big day won’t result in a big carbon footprint. Organic growing, local sourcing, repurposing unique vintage items, composting and sustainable choices for every element of your event are all part of our commitment to using resources wisely, for our clients and the planet.

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